When Investing in Property Bonds you can own property without the Landlord Hassles.

What is a Property Bond?

Property Bonds or property investment bonds are an excellent way for property developers to raise money from investors in the form of a loan.

Investors then have the chance to buy the bonds and see return on investment from Property without the hassle of owning property

How does a Property Bond Work?

Property bonds are issued as loan notes to investors by property Companies. They are usually for a fixed term of normally 2 to 5 years and have a fixed rate of return paid to the investor over set times. Property Bond returns are usually paid at quarterly, annual or maturity times.

An investor will receive a bond certificate and usually the investor will benefit from security over the undying asset by way of 1st or 2nd legal charge.


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Are Property Bonds a Good and Safe Investment?

While investing in Property bonds in the residential market you are helping house builders to provide homes in a very under supplied UK market.

But you must always remember a Property Bond is an investment which like all investments relies on many factors. In the case of property Bonds there is exposure to property markets and property developers are a few to mention.

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